What is SEA Fund

Salamander Excubator Angel Fund (Sea Fund) is a collaboration between Salamander Advisors LLP and Excubator.
Salamander Advisors LLP, set up by a team of Start-up and Corporate Professionals with complementary skills and expertise in identifying, incubating and scaling start-ups.
Excubator, an incubator for early stage Start-ups, founded by successful startup experts. With a strong technical team & expertise in technology, a large network of Mentors & Advisors evaluating 100 + start-ups at any point of time. As we talk, has 8-10 startps getting to scale up stages


SEA Fund provides VC level investment opportunities at seed fund investment ticket sizes and an easy access to start-ups through incubators & network.

Start- Ups

SEA Fund seeks to identify and invest in start-ups and early stage venture by offering a complete start-up incubation ecosystem required to guide the investee companies.


what we do :

We provide a dedicated focus on the pre Series A investment stage.


We believe in faster due diligence, thoughtful decision making and deal closure.


A fully functional and well equipped incubator space to nurture and guide the investee companies.


A strong and influential network of partners and advisors from diverse backgrounds – Legal firms, Accounting firms, IP consultants, Graphic design firms, Mobile and Digital firms and individual mentors – to help the investee companies scale up and move ahead rapidly in their entrepreneurial journey.

How we work :

Deal Origination

Referrals from network of contacts

Deal Evaluation

Meeting with management Comparison to threshold investment criteria

Deal Research

Review company business plan Study competitive environment Identify value-adding opportunities

Due Diligence & Structuring

Background checks on management and background checks on company

Execution & Monitoring

Documentation of investment and legal registration Regular meetings with management. We or our appointed representative joins corporate governing body

Deal Exit

Strategic partnership Trade sale IPO Management buyout Balance sheet refinancing

Why SEA Fund


SEA Fund is an Early Stage IT & Technology focussed Start-up Enabler active in Pre-Series A investment stages


Guiding 100 + Statups across IT enabled & Technology Start-ups. An experience rich, technically strong team backed by accomplished individuals who have guided 100+ start-ups across domains and verticals.

Due Diligence

Leaner Teams, Specialist Due Diligence Teams around helps us to take Quicker investment decisions on the Idea, with a large Market, run by Passionate Team.

Incubation Space

A well-equipped incubator space backed by a strong team of Mentors, are always keen to identify improvement areas, nurture and guide the investee companies


A strong network of partners representing Legal firms, Accounting Firms, IP consulting firms, Graphic Design firms, Mobile Development firms and individual mentors - to help portfolio companies scale up.

Simple Terms

Simple term sheet & quick feedback on investment decisions

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