Start - Up Ecosystem An Overview

With a rapidly evolving start up ecosystem, India is currently the 3rd largest start-up base in the world, after U.S.A and UK.

  • 11,500

    Start-Ups by 2020
  • 2 Billion

    Investment Deals
  • 250K

    Creating Employment


SEA Fund team is primarily looking for investing/co-investing in start-ups, first-time entrepreneurs and early/concept stage companies, leveraging the technical expertise of its founders in Information technology, Mobile, Internet of things and Machine language domains with following criteria:

  • SEA Fund would love to be part of Startup Team investing/co-investing,
    • First time Entrepreneurs
    • Early/Concept Stage Start-ups
    • Scale up /Growth Stage Start-ups
  • Who leads innovation through Information technology as an Enabler in:
    • Healthcare, Medical technology, Education, Retail, Gaming and e-commerce businesses.
    • Mobile, Internet of things and Machine language domains
    • Consumer Wellness, Consumer Engagement & Consumer Hospitality
  • Capital-efficient business models
  • Outstanding entrepreneurs with Business areas that can rapidly scale up
  • Early mover in the Business Domain.
  • Products, services or ideas that provide a Unique Value proposition with high entry barriers
  • Transparency, commitment, quality and an ownership structure with investor protection
Highly capital-efficient business models
Products or services that provide an unique value proposition with high entry barriers
Committed & passionate entrepreneurs, who are flexible & can adapt to changing market dynamics, backed by a strong management team
Industries, domains & technologies where we understand the business, the business model, the competitive environment & can add value through our participation.
Healthcare & Medical Technology, Education, Retail, Gaming & E-commerce domains
Ideas and business models that can be scaled up rapidly using technology as an enabler

SEA Fund seeks to identify and invest/co-invest in start-ups and early stage
companies, leveraging our expertise in Information Technology, Mobile, Internet of Things and
Machine Language with the following criteria