The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step - Lao Tzu

We expedite the journey


We are a team of operators who have lived and breathed building businesses. We roll up our sleeves and get down in the trenches with the founders and are the first port of call whenever they run into a roadblock – anything that needs to be done to keep the lights on, we are your guys. Our mission is, to help the next set of technical founders, with small amounts of early capital in getting to market to build efficient and scalable businesses.



Healthcare, Fintech, Agritech, Mediatech, Hardware/Embedded Systems are some of the industries that we have invested in or will in the future – where machine learning and deep technology are deployed to build startups that operate in the enterprise and consumer space.
  • Early stage with some product-market fit

    We invest in early stage companies, preferably with some semblance of a product market fit at the intersection of network effects, technology and innovative business models by leveraging platforms, protocols and the power of modularity.

  • Returning founders

    We believe returning founders who have learnt the rules of the startup game in their first stint, whether it be a success or a failure, have had their trial by fire and are in it for the right reasons, having learnt key lessons that will enable them to crash timelines to scale businesses.

  • Non-obvious market opportunities

    The question you need to answer is whether you have discovered a nonobvious market opportunity where you have a unique advantage or approach, and one that competing players won’t see until you’ve had a chance to build a healthy lead.

  • Solutions that give back people time

    One of the things we are looking for are solutions that give people back the most precious thing they have in their lives, which is their time. If you give people their time back, they will love you forever and keep coming back for more.

  • India for India play that can be scaled globally

    We value an India for India play, which can then subsequently be scaled to, first, similar markets and subsequently globally.


We believe that if these bets play off then everything that appears on the horizon AI, Blockchain, Cryptos, AR/VR, CRISPR are tools that will keep changing, but all will be accretive towards building the next phase of startups from India.
  • Go big or go home

    Startups have the odds stacked against them and given the nature of the beast, there are limited stabs that investors can take at being successful. It becomes imperative that the successes have to be big to overcome the odds. With this in mind, we look at whether the addressable market is large enough and is the market addressable right now. If not now, by what timeframe and has the company got a good shot at becoming the market leaders.

  • We choose to bet on people

    People bring the ship home; the rest takes care of itself if we bet on founders that are learners for life and can pivot on a dime. We look for founders who possess proprietary knowledge and are working on a problem we understand and teams that have an interdisciplinary mix. We look for that indistinguishable flame that usually comes from some sort of adversity and an inexhaustible drive that they want to prove other people wrong.

  • Technology changes everything

    Technology crashes timelines to build a company, the marginal cost of acquiring an additional customer is negligible and all this without huge upfront capital investment. Most innovation waves follow a pattern where the infrastructure is initially developed, then enabling technologies are created, and finally applications are built on top of the first two. Combine that with the last remaining large market, that is India and you get an opportunity that arises once in the lifetime of economie

  • Today’s themes have a bad track record of predicting future successes

    Be contrarian and be right. As the great Wayne Gretzy did all his glittering career, we want to be where the puck is going to be. Ideas that are too obvious end up getting overcrowded very quickly. Dominant platforms are usually built in the face of enormous skepticism. With our growing portfolio, we expect to be the go-to place for such ideas and entrepreneurs in the future.

  • Look for intersections

    Directional innovation improves a product in fairly predictable steps, along a well-defined dimension. The rewards for this are fairly predictable. Intersectional innovations, on the other hand, change the world in leaps along new directions when diverse skillsets, cultures, disciplines and industries intersect.

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