Angel Investing II – Boom or bust?

Just wanted to do a quick follow-up on the post last week. There are some mainstream media outfits covering the same issue. We have seen the story re-iterated in all parts of the world, be it the Silicon Valley or India or anywhere in-between.

As they say, being on the cover of Time or The Economist is a two edged sword; some even look upon it as a curse.

On the one hand, this demonstrates recognition of work done over a significant amount of time. But on the flip side, once that happens, you have clearly peaked out. History has shown, more often than not, mainstream media is not at the forefront of catching onto the big trends.

They invariably do so when the issue has been festering and catching on like wildfire on the ground for a while. There is always a lag between something taking root, bubbling up to the top and having a billboard in the Central Business District (CBD).

In this case, we at the SEA Fund, firmly believe that, there comes a time in the history of societies, nations and geographies that defines the entity for the foreseeable future.

This seems to be such a situation again. There is a clear froth building in the system, but like every time earlier, this time it’s different – and I say that with the tongue firmly in the cheek!

What is different this time around is that we have companies that have revenues vs eyeballs, hundreds of millions vs tens of millions internet users and a startup establishment that can brace shocks to the system better than the 2000s or 2008.

What remains the same is the fact that in times of excess filters drop, FOMO (fear of missing out) starts rearing its ugly head and in the bargain, investors, set themselves up for an eventuality that is pointed towards only one unfortunate direction.

To paraphrase Victor Hugo – “All the worlds’ forces are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come”.

To that we’d like to append Caesar Augustus’ quote – “Hasten Slowly”.

For all the views, comments and likes, I’d like a say a big thank you. Please keep the comments coming, it’s the only way to initiate a dialog.