We are a team of operators who have lived
and breathed building businesses

We roll up our sleeves, get down in trenches with the founders and are the first port of call whenever they run into difficult scenarios in business, people, markets and get them back on track for growth.

Our mission is, to help the next set of technical founders, with early Venture Capital to build highly scalable and efficient Global Businesses.

Our Team

It’s well-known that the most brilliant and imaginative minds look for the most complex


Seafund Venture India Trust (“Seafund”) is an alternative investment fund for sophisticated investors, registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (“SEBI”). Salamander Advisors LLP, a limited liability partnership registered with the Registrar of Companies is the Investment Manager for Seafund.

Seafund operates exclusively out of its offices in Bengaluru and Delhi, India. Seafund does not have any agency, association, collaboration, relationship or solicitation partnership with any company, individual, body corporate or entity and operates independently and solely under its own name. No such company, individual, body corporate or entity has at any time been authorized to represent Seafund or its interests, nor represent itself/himself as being associated with Seafund in any manner, vis-a-vis any third party.

In case of further enquiries regarding Seafund’s business, please feel free to contact us at connect@seafund.in.