A no-code AI powered travel operating system that serves as an all-in-one turnkey travel search platform

A rapid digitization and webstore creation tool for professional grade product photoshoots and online listing in multiple ecommerce platforms

A technology powered, mentorship-based platform providing end-to-end solutions for students aiming to pursue higher education.

An e-commerce fulfilment platform that helps D2C brands make seamless same-day deliveries to their customers

Leading media and info platform, providing data backed news and end-to-end coverage on India’s tech, startup & internet economy.

An Intelligent Patient Relationship Management (PRM) system for hospitals and other healthcare providers in India.

An AI-Driven Real-Time Customer Experience Analytics for Enterprises to understand the ‘WHY’ behind customer experience.

An end-to-end technology process for insurance premium financing built for scalable and sustainable lending.

A fraud detection service provider for financial institutions offering an automated decision support system.

A leading Robotics company specialising in design and development of robotic-powered exoskeletons and human-controlled robotic systems.

A self-learning platform that predicts an individual’s future health risks and associated costs using the demographics, habits and lifestyle.

An open-source Learning Management System where learning is achieved through focused tasks, directed feedback, an iterative workflow, and community interaction.

A Trading Analytics platform providing key analytics and critical insights, empowering traders to take better trades and improve themselves.

A no-code customer data platform with e-commerce marketing automation capabilities enabling personalisation of customer interaction.

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